How do I return an item?


All products have 7 days DOA (Dead-Defective On Arrival) from the day of delivery.

Please return it to our office in Cyprus. If the product is defective we will refund the full price of the product and the shipping cost you paid. We will also refund the return shipping cost up to $50, which is the cost of USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate box. Plenty to hold 4 tablet package box, or DHL equivalent, if you decide to get a replacement.

If the product is not defective and both product and package are complete and new (meaning it can be re-sold as new items, e.g. no scratches on the touch screen and all bags, holding accessories are not opened). We will refund you the full price of the product minus $8 return handling fee.

If the product and package are not complete and new or the item was sold with free shipping , we will charge 15% re-stocking fee or $35 whichever is greater (the $35 only applies for tablets , not accessories).

buyer's shipping cost, including the original shipping and return shipping are not refunded if the product is not defective or the item was sold with free shipping offer.

The defective product is referring to hardware defects such as battery not charging, not able to turn the tablet on even with hard reset, but does not include software and firmware bugs. This Includes but not limited to operating system and apps hanging and not being able to run certain apps. Screen crack has to be reported within 24 hours of receiving the tablet otherwise it is not covered. The tablet body may get warm or hot when running certain apps, this is not considered as hardware defect. The hardware defect has to be verified by us once we receive your return.


All defective products purchased will be exchanged for new.


We offer one year FREE REPAIR service if the device becomes defective. This doesn't include damages caused by mis-use (e.g. screen crack caused by dropping the device). The hardware defect has to be verified by us once we receive your return. If this happens in the first month after you receive the product we will ship the repaired product back to you free of charge. Otherwise you pay the shipping cost. If the model is discontinued we will send you a later model or more expensive model.


In case you need to return your ordered item, get it repaired or need a replacement, please follow those steps:

  1. Read the Return Policy and Shipping policy.
  2. Contact us using the form in "Contact Us". Make sure you fill in your correct email address and the name in you order so that we can track down your order record. Explain the problems in detail. You need to provide us with proof as below:
    • The photos of the original package with the front and back sides.
    • Photos or videos showing the malfunctioning of the defective Product.
  3. We will try to help you fix the problem. If we cannot we will let you know and you can send the item back to us. Please have your tracking number for return shipment. beepxtra will not take responsibility for any missing return shipments.
  4. We process returns once a week on Friday. Once we process your return we will contact you and let you know whether we can replicate the problem you reported. Once we verify the problem you reported we will refund, repair or send you the replacement.

Note: If the product comes with any wear and tear we will only repair it, no refund.


If your order is already shipped we will contact our forwarder to see if they can get the item back. If so we will refund you in full according to the provisions set out below. If they cannot then you have to follow our return policy to return the item once you receive it.

We offer a 14 Day money-back guarantee if we cannot deliver, integrate, or if you are not satisfied with our service.

Refunds are eligible within 14 days from the day of your purchase, less any reasonable costs incurred to ourselves. Reasonable costs material costs and shipping costs incurred from processing your order, paid commissions, hourly costs to integrations staff incurred in establishing the service, and non-refundable service charges from payment processors.