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The online terminal software is very useful if you already have your own device, such as an android tablet, iPad, laptop, PC, even a touch screen smartphone if you are willing to go that small.

This interface gives you basic functionality to issue cashbacks and/or get paid from BeepXtra Card Balances with very little effort and minimum data input from your side.

Online Terminal Software Interface:

The screen shot below showcases the interface and you can see the simple steps and the minimal data input needed to process a transaction.

You only need to input:

  • The beep card number OR customer email address
  • Amount of purchase
  • Discount percentage (A Preset Default is automatically loaded and is Adjustable)
  • Receipt (Optional)

Additionally, if the client is paying using his existing BeepCard balance, the client needs to input his/her password or Pin number and voila. Job done.

Additional Functionality:

  • The software provides a report for balancing your cash register with the money received via BeepCard Payments.
  • Several cashiers can use the same version of the software and be logged in at the same time simultaneously.
  • You can reset this report every end of day, end of shift if you are using several cashiers.
  • The report is sent to your email address automatically every time the report is reset.

If you are not sure which system is best for you, our support personnel will be happy to assist you