API Licenses come with Authentication credentials. These are used to define the access level of your App as well as usage limitations and reporting


Authenticating your API License

Once you have your AppID and AppKEY in place, you will need to parse these along with your requests to the BeepAPI. API requests can be performed with various methods and will be successful as long as you use proper Http Headers and a custom User-Agent alongside each request. This User-Agent includes your AppID and AppKey, as well as other information related to the request you are performing.

Setting up the User-Agent

The User-Agent should strictly follow the below format:

  • YOURAPPNAME can be a string using only latin characters (a-zA-Z) and should be the same throughout all your requests. This will be useful for debugging and reporting afterwards
  • 1.0 is the version of the BeepAPI you are requesting. Currently 1.0 (You will be notified of version releases but rest assured backwards compatibility will always be kept intact)
  • AppID and AppKEY are the credentials you will receive upon acquiring your API License
  • ControllerName is the controller you are accessing (More info on controllers further in Request Guide)

Ready - Set - Go

When your application is ready to send an http request using the above User-Agent, you are all set-up and ready to roll. Visit the "Request Guide" to proceed with your development