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Firstly you need to establish the method of communication between your software and the Beep API.
Currently we only have a PHP SDK to use right away in PHP software, however we do support multiple programming languages using other methods.

A popular method is CURL. CURL is supported by many programming languages as well as provides additional libraries or modules for integration with further more languages.

If CURL is not supported by the programming language you develop, you may use an equivalent module that performs "HTTP Requests". With HTTP Requests you can then use the direct RESTful URIs provided in the documentation.

First things first though, you will need to "authorize" your app to perform requests to the Beep API. This is done via a unique API-ID and a private API-KEY (Similar to a username and password) that you will need in order to authenticate your requests. To avoid misuse and additionally to segmentate the various "robots", "spiders" and other automated systems accessing the API, you are requested to manipulate the "User_Agent" you are sending with your requests... (TO BE CONTINUED)

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