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The API is build using RESTful protocol and can be accessed via url in the following form:
The interface accepts the following methods:
More info on each request is provided in the included PDF file
The API "Cannot" be accessed directly via web using the address bar. 
The reason being, you have to identify your application via the user-agent. 
To do this, in most programming languages where CURL is supported to perform GET/POST/PUT/DELETE requests, you may define your user-agent there. 
If you are using a language that does not support CURL, please follow the supported libraries of the specific language to perform GET/POST/PUT/DELETE and construct the user-agent parsed in the following way:
This should be the exact useragent parsed with the url. From the above example:
  1. YOURAPPNAME: Can be anything. You may use your software name, website name or any other identifiable name. It doesn't affect access, however it will help us debug your requests if you run into any trouble by tracking that specific name
  2. 1.0 is the version of the API, for tracking purposes. Please leave this at 1.0 unless otherwise advised
  3. YOURAPPID is provided by BeepXtra
  4. YOURAPPKEY is provided by BeepXtra
  5. RESOURCE is the controller you are accessing. e.g. card, user, platform, product etc (See documentation)
Once you successfully configure your application to send requests to the API, the response BODY will contain a JSON formatted response with success/failure messages or a set of data. 
e.g. {"user_id":"54270","available_cash_back":"500","commission":"0","last_update":null,"lock_cash_back":"10196.438650000026"}
Your APPID and APPKEY are bound together and are controlled by an access controller that defines which resources you have access to. 
By running the following request: GET 
You will get the list of resources and requests that your APPID has access.
Please consult with your advisor at BeepXtra if you feel you need additional access to requests from the documentation provided.

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